Stroke Essentials – Do you know them?

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Best stroke specialist in Hyderabad, Dr. Vikram Sharma says brain stroke is a medical emergency. Those who are witnessing it must act swiftly to prevent complications in the person who is experiencing a stroke.

Stroke means your brain is not getting the blood it needs. If you act swiftly by yourself, you are less likely to have long-lasting serious complications. If you act immediately for someone having a stroke, it will be a great work. following are the warning signs of a stroke:


·Trouble speaking (slurred speech)

·Face drooping (one side of the face droops or becomes numb)

·Uneven smile

·Arm weakness or numbness

·Confusion or trouble understanding others

·Numbness or weakness in face or leg

·Trouble seeing with one or both eyes

·Severe headache without any reason

Do you know the risk of stroke in both men and women?

Both men and women are equally vulnerable to stroke. The risk factors that are common to both women and men include:

·High Blood pressure



·Obesity or overweight

·High lipid levels

·Heart disease

·Sedentary lifestyle

·Alcohol abuse


·Drug usage

Do you know the risk factors that put a woman at an increased risk of stroke?

The risk factors of stroke that are related to women include the following:

·Mental health issues

·Birth control pills usage

·Recurrent migraines associated with auras

·Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT

Do you know the symptoms of stroke that are unique to women?

There are some symptoms of stroke that are unique to women. If you are a woman and know these signs and symptoms of stroke, then you can take prompt action to avail in time medical health and save your own life or the life of someone you love. Such unique symptoms of stroke in women include the following:





·Body pain




·Behavioural changes

·Shortness of breath


Remember! Stroke is a medical emergency, prior to making yourself too involved in spotting the peculiar signs and symptoms of stroke either in men or women, you must act swiftly to save the life and therefore always think of “FAST”.

Do You Know?

FAST test is the best way to quickly identify stroke symptoms.

Face: check whether the face is drooping one side or the smile is uneven.

Arms: weakness in one or both arms; difficulty in holding arms up

Speech: slurred speech

Time: immediately seek medical help if all the above symptoms are yes.

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