10 surprising causes of headaches | Dr. Vikram Sharma Neurologist

Your boss can give you headaches – it’s not uncommon. Yes, it is a fact. If you do something wrong or fail to meet any tight deadline, your stress levels may increase. When you are vulnerable to stress and meet tricky situations, you will become prone to migraines and stress headaches. Experts don’t know exactly how this situation occurs. There could be many factors including fear, anxiety, stress, and the involvement of certain nerves that send pain messages. These nerves could become extra sensitive to stress and pain signals. Changes in chemical and hormonal balances during migraine could also be the cause.

10 surprising causes of headaches

Weather – For some, it is Cozy for Others it is Bad!

Many people have migraines and nagging headaches linked to changes in weather – humidity, temperature, rainfall, and atmospheric pressure. A cold or a hot wave can trigger a headache or migraine and make you frustrated. Temperature changes are more likely to cause migraine headaches. Rainfall, changes in barometric pressure, humid weather, and hot sunny days can trigger headaches. To prevent weather-related headaches triggers, it is better to avoid hot sunny days, wear your sunglasses, avoid the afternoon sun and remain hydrated.

Strong smells, perfumes, and Scents

Many people who get migraines with auras are sensitive to strong scents and smells of flowers and perfumes. In some even decent and mild perfumes can trigger headaches. It is unclear why this happens.

Hair Accessories

Women can become sensitive and prone to headaches due to their lifestyle – especially the way they wear their hair or tie headaches. Hairdo headaches can result from tight ponytails that strain scalp skin and connective tissues. Likewise, tight-fitting hats, headbands, and braids can trigger headaches in women. It is, therefore, important to understand whether your hairdo is causing your headache. If it is the case – then letting your hair down can give you fast relief from a headache.

Is your headache related to Exercise?

Yes, it is!

Beware! if you are prone to exercise-related headaches. Experts opine that strenuous activity can lead to headaches. In some people, even sexual activity can lead to headaches. For instance, sex headaches and also jogger’s headaches. Individuals who are prone to migraines are also prone to headaches due to strenuous activity.

Sometimes, this type of headache occurs suddenly due to hard physical activity. If you experience severe headache, nausea, rigid neck, double vision, and dizziness, then immediately seek medical help.

Bad Posture

Bad posture can lead to headaches. Those who work on computer desks and stare at monitors that are low or high; sit on an armless chair and hunch their shoulders; sit continuously without taking breaks are prone to a build-up of pressure in the neck and head muscles. Those who suffer from frequent headaches can get rid of posture-related headaches if they change the things they do.


Age-cheese is a well-known migraine trigger for some people. There is a substance called tyramine in it that triggers migraine. The longer the food takes to age, the more tyramine it has. Swiss cheese, Parmesan, cheddar, and blue cheese are migraine triggers.

Red Wine

Headache trigger red wine also contains some ingredients that contribute to headaches. One such compound is tyramine. Alcohol augments blood flow to the brain – therefore, people who drink alcohol are prone to headaches. Headaches become intense in alcoholics.

10 surprising causes of Headaches

Smoking – Can trigger headaches

Smokers are not the only ones who are prone to headaches even those who get exposed to secondhand smoke get headaches. Nicotine present in cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels in the brain – leading to headaches. If you stay away from secondhand smoke or giveaway cigarettes you will get rid of headaches due to smoking. Exposure to secondhand smoke can also cause nasal and eye problems.

Skipped Meals

If you skip meals, you get a headache. It is common to feel the crunch if you prefer brunch – especially if you get routine headaches. Therefore, have your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner in time – and never skip your meals. Many people prefer hunching a candy bar when they feel hungry with a dip in blood sugar levels. But you should never try to quench your hunger with sugar-rich candies as they cause a spike in blood sugar levels and then cause blood sugar levels to drop further.


When I say to my patients not to indulge in excessive caffeine, they ask me this question quite straightforward – “several headache medicines have caffeine- why do you want us to limit caffeine intake doctor.” The answer is simple – “in moderation, caffeine helps – but, in excess it gives trouble. Similar is the case with sodas and diet sodas. Have coffee in moderation. If your intake is excess, then don’t stop abruptly rather ease off gradually. For instance, if you take 5 to 6 cups then don’t come to 1 or 2 cups suddenly – rather limit intake gradually. If you quit suddenly then your headache can become worse.

Caffeine withdrawal is another headache trigger. If you want to know more about these 10 surprising causes of headaches, meet Dr. Vikram Sharma…