Many a times you might have heard about this term given for the symptoms that are related with the fatigue and other medical conditions assuming that they are caused by an improperly working adrenal gland in some people who are constantly under emotional, mental and physical stress. This is not a proven medical problem though, yet the term Adrenal fatigue has been in use for quite a long time.

There is a wonderful theory that talks about this condition. According to this theory, one of the hormones (cortisol) produced by adrenal glands is not formed in sufficient amounts to be pumped into the bloodstream when your life is under stressful condition – owing to which you may experience a variety of symptoms, which are referred to as adrenal fatigue – but there is no evidence to support this theory.

Is there any support to Adrenal Fatigue Theory?

According to James Wilson, the author of Adrenal Fatigue, the symptoms of adrenal fatigue include chronic tiredness even after complete rest and sleep, especially in the morning after rising up from the bed, trouble getting out of bed, confusion, mental dullness, delay in finishing tasks, trouble focussing and thinking, etc. Though the author believes that these are the symptoms due to adrenal fatigue, many physicians do not agree with him as they urge them to be from other health conditions.

A renowned doctor, Robert Vigersky is also against the notion of adrenal fatigue as he says that the symptoms are very common in general in many people.

As the theory supportive of adrenal fatigue attributes such symptoms to adrenal fatigue, Vigersky, however, asserts that such symptoms are common in people with the following issues: stress, depression, poor diet, poor night sleep and poor lifestyle. These problems can affect your day-to-day life affecting your energy levels – in such cases there is no involvement of adrenal glands.

According to Janet McGill – who is a hormone specialist at Washington University, weakness or Fatigue is also a symptom of heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis, diabetes and anaemia.

Are you aware of the medical conditions that impair adrenal glands?

Adrenal glands are like caps that cover kidney. When in good condition they work efficiently, but certain conditions keep them from working well. Addison’s disease (primary adrenal insufficiency) is a condition in which adrenal glands do not make sufficient hormones – in many of the cases; the disease is due to damage caused to the adrenal glands by the immune system. The most common causes of Addison’s disease include cancer, lymphoma, tuberculosis and AIDS. This is a medical condition that can be diagnosed by the physicians.

What are the symptoms that are caused by Addison’s disease?

Addison’s disease also causes fatigue, but the symptoms it prompts include general weakness, lack of periods in women, dizziness, dark skin on palms, elbows and on your hands. However, Addison’s disease is a very rare condition; therefore, if anyone experiences symptoms related to hormones – they are more likely due to diabetes or a thyroid problem rather than due to an adrenal issue

Consult a doctor to know the cause of your fatigue

You should first try to understand the relevant cause of your fatigue; this will help you get the appropriate treatment. In this regard, if you are unsure of your fatigue then consult your healthcare provider who will check for the common causes of your illness and fatigue. Your physician would recommend you to an endocrinologist if he /she find that you have hormonal problem. The endocrinologist will do a variety of tests to check your hormonal levels.

Bottom line

You are what your lifestyle makes you – therefore, concentrate on a few aspects of your lifestyle like your food habits, sleeping patterns and work and life balance. To ensure better health with enormous energy avoid stress, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Just pay attention to health and be cautious with alternative treatment approaches and unproven treatment methods.