Epilepsy can be of Different Types – Such as Pseudoseizures
Reflex Epilepsy,

Seizures imitator type epilepsy due to low oxygen levels, low blood sugar levels, and low blood pressure.

Drug-resistant type epilepsy

Absence seizures and many more types.

Awareness about the types, symptoms, and epilepsy triggers is very crucial in the proper control and management of epilepsy in adults

On the occasion of World Epilepsy Day – Let us come together and keep epilepsy in its tracks.

Let us defeat epilepsy together – Don’t make it as a social stigma and a low-self-esteem issue – fight like a brave warrior – I am always there with you to provide the best possible treatment.

If you have any concerns come and meet me personally

Dr. Vikram Sharma
MBBS, MD, DN (London), MRCP (London), FAAN (USA)
Senior Consultant Neurologist
Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad

I have more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of different types of seizures and epilepsy.

I treat all types of neurological conditions including headaches, migraines, muscle weakness, body pains, back pain, weakness in hands and legs. I also possesses hands-on experience in treating stroke patients.