Best doctors for headache in Hyderabad Explains the cause of headaches

You can get a headache due to many things. A majority of the headaches are not very serious though. Stress-related or tension headaches and migraines are the most common types of headaches. Sometimes, a serious cause is associated with a headache. You can also get a headache if you have any problem with your eyes, sinuses, or brain. A neurologist can diagnose your headache based on the symptoms and physical examination. However, the best doctors for headaches in Hyderabad may sometimes recommend tests such as a spinal tap or a CT scan to know the cause.

What causes a headache?

When it comes to headaches, migraines and tension headaches are common. In a majority of the causes, the cause of migraine is unknown. Even if the cause is unknown, there are certain things that can trigger migraine. These are the common migraine triggers:

Caffeine withdrawal, eating ice cream and taking excessive painkillers and other medicines can also cause headaches. Common cold, flu, and sinusitis are the common infections that cause headaches. Brain tumor, Glaucoma, and sudden bleeding in the brain (intracerebral hemorrhage) can also cause headaches. Infections of the head such as encephalitis and meningitis can also cause headaches.

When should you see a neurologist for a headache?

You must see a headache specialist doctor or a neurologist if you get a headache with the following warning signs and symptoms: a headache that has started suddenly and becoming worse with every passing minute; A worsening headache; an extremely severe and the worst headache of your life; red eyes and watery eyes; headaches with fever and stiff neck; An extremely severe headache – which is sudden and that came on you like a thunderclap; A severe headache associated with speech problems (slurred speech); weakness in the arms; loss of balance; confusion; drowsiness; weakness and changes in your vision.

Why You Should See a Doctor Within a Few Days?

You should also see a neurologist within a few days or as early as possible if you are not getting any relief from your existing headaches even after taking pain-relieving medicines for around one week or more; if your headaches are getting more frequent and worse and are associated with worsening vision; weight loss

Headaches in Older People

Older people should take their headaches seriously especially when headaches begin after age 50. If you are above this age and get a headache, then see a neurologist. You should keep an eye on the symptoms or changes in the pattern of your existing headache or any new headache. Aged people may have a serious cause of a headache. Furthermore, even some of the common headaches become difficult to treat in older people.

How Do Neurologists treat a headache?

Headache treatment depends on the cause. If the underlying cause of a headache is a sinus issue, then doctors treat that issue first. Similarly for the treatment of stress headaches, doctors prescribe pain-relieving and other medicines that reduce stress and anxiety. Migraine is treated in a special way.

In a nutshell, headaches can be more severe and the consequences of not treating headaches can be sometimes, challenging. Different types of headaches can have specific types of symptoms. Some headaches can be due to certain known unique causes and therefore, they need different treatments. If you are unable to understand the cause of your headache, consult Dr. Vikram Sharma for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

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