Anxiety Leads to Serious Health Issues 

How to calm anxiety naturally: Anxiousness, worry, becoming excessively anxious over less significant matters is not good for your mind and health. Becoming anxious is a normal human tendency, but constant anxiety is worrisome. Over a period of time, your anxiety can lead to a condition known as oversensitivity or hypersensitivity by which you will become extremely aware of every single pain, sensation or feeling in your body and the second problem with anxiety is that it makes difficult for you to ignore something that causes stress. These two problems can lead to other serious health issues.

How to calm anxiety then? there are 7 ways in which you can control your emotions and manage anxiety. If you are really determined to overcome your anxiety, then adopt these measures:


How to calm anxiety by exercise is a buzzword around everywhere – the reason, it is a remedy for countless ailments and the one major among those is mental illnesses including anxiety and depression. There is no need for you to work hard or work excessively in the gym to calm your mind – just a brisk walk or 15 to 20 minutes of physical exercise is enough for you to calm your nerves and relax your tensed muscles.

Go Outdoors

Have you ever experienced a sort of calmness and feeling of relaxation after visiting some places especially the ones that are located in the city outskirts? It is a natural tendency to feel less stressed and relaxed upon witnessing nature – greenery, a meadow, forest, and good scenery at home. The reason there is a very strong connection between nature and your mood because when you see lots of greenery, waterfalls, green plants, grass and natural springs, your mood alleviates owing to the drop in the levels of stress hormones, an upsurge of feel-good hormones, relaxation of tensed muscles and normalization of blood pressure.

How to Calm Anxiety by Gardening?

Many elderly people are seen doing gardening nowadays, but youngsters, children and adults should think of considering it seriously as there are huge benefits to avail. When you put your hands in sand, soil or mud, your brain reacts swiftly to release mood-boosting hormones that help in relaxing your mind and calming your nerves making you feel less anxious. Therefore, to remain calm and quiet you must spend some quality time outdoors in your garden. It makes you an agile, energetic and active whole day. Gardening should be taken as a worthy hobby very seriously. Even if you don’t have a garden in your house, then seek alternative or prefer community gardening.

How to Calm Anxiety by Meditation?

At times it becomes quite difficult to shrug off nagging thoughts and focus on work or any activity that requires intense concentration, focus and deep involvement. Such situations demand tranquil mind and clear thoughts and the best way in which one can attain inner peace by cutting down stress and anxiety levels is through meditation. It helps in controlling your mind by removing all negative energy through concentration and tranquillity. Meditation improves focus, concentration, inner peace and thinking process by letting your mind free of thoughts and worries. The habit of meditation helps you in controlling all aspects of your life by making you a champion who knows how to shrug off a worry when it suddenly sneaks into your mind.


Aromatherapy does work – to know it yourself – take a few drops of some aromatic oils or natural oils – which are plant-based and then rub it on your nose and take deep breathe or inhale it. The essential oils like lavender, chamomile and rose works wonder for you if you rub it on your hands and inhale it by taking deep breathes. The natural fragrance from essential oils invigorates your mood by acting on the parts of the brain that controls your mood, emotions and feelings. That’s the reason why when you wear some natural wood-based perfumes, you feel relaxed and ecstatic as it calms your nerves and makes you feel awesome.


The world in which we all are living is dynamic and everyone is trying very hard to match the dynamism of this world. Everyone wants to become successful in his or her respective area of work – and therefore, is working under tremendous pressure with lots of commitments and deadlines to complete the tasks in time. Extensive work, uncontrolled body movements, tons of pressure, unending tasks are slowly leading to stress and anxiety – owing to which our body muscles become stiff and tight. The best way to relax your body muscles is through a good body massage with essential natural oils. Experienced masseurs are experts in massage as they use their hands, fingers and massage techniques to squeeze, push, press and rub muscles and soft tissues. This helps in improving muscles tone, flexibility and blood circulation.


Yoga is one of many types of alternative forms of meditation involving several body postures. In a particular type of yoga, you keep your body in a certain set of postures and positions in a proper sequence and repeat the poses intermittently or by changing body positions and postures. By doing so you also control your breathing. Yoga helps in relieving stress, calming your nerves, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. If you practice yoga regularly, you will feel less anxious and more energetic and agile. However, you need to take a precautionary approach especially when you have certain health conditions; so, it is better to talk to your doctor before starting yoga.


You can clear your cloudy mind just by spending a few minutes in activities that you love doing and getting completely involved in the activities with undeterred focus and concentration. With this you can see your energy levels rising. In addition, a rejuvenating body massage, yoga, aromatherapy, gardening and meditation help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, stress hormones and muscle tension. However, in spite of taking every possible activity and measure if anxiety and worry seem to be out of your control, then you must talk to your doctor for the other potential ways to manage it.