You might have heard lots of people saying about making the mood better and wondering whether what they are saying is a fact or just talk of the town kind of thing. It’s not just you; in fact, many of us feel the same way. Whatever may be your perception about certain things, you should pay heed to those, or else you might end up losing on something which is very important to you in your life. One such thing is “how to make your mood better” – let us have a look at it.

Listen to music

It is a well-known universally accepted fact that music helps in improving mood. However, not all types of music is good for your mind. It depends on your choice – if you are inclined to a particular type of music and feel good after listening to it, then prefer that music. It can be instrumental, natural, classical, and even customized.

Eat Salmon, Walnuts and prefer olive oil for cooking

As a general rule of thumb, the foods that are nutritive with abundant omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are good for your mind and mood. According to some research studies omega-3 fatty acids have mood-boosting properties and the good sources of it are salmon and walnuts. In addition, a few recent studies have indicated that those who prefer olive oil and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are less likely to suffer from depression. Similarly, high-calorie foods have calming effect on the brain. Individuals who are stressed or anxious may reach out to high calorie foods – those actually act as a natural reward in nullifying the stress and anxious responses in the body. Research studies support such claims.

Moods or Happiness is contagious

You might have often heard people saying that positive aura or good vibes spread like wildfire. This is in fact quite true because according to a recent study happy, positive and dynamic people spread happiness. If you want to be happy, then be around with happy and positive people. The happiness of yours, to some extent, depends on the happiness of others with whom you are connected. Therefore, if you want to be happy, then don’t be with depressed people as you may perhaps become depressed too.

Exercise helps improve your mood

Anyone thing that we talk about enhancing mood, and that too, to a large extent, has shown quite amazing results, is exercise. As it is a fact and no one can deny it – reason, several studies have shown that physical activity and routine exercise can help improve blood flow to the brain, formation of new connections and neurons in the brain, and elevate the levels of all good serotonin and dopamine – the mood augmenting hormones in the brain.

Interaction with Strangers

Interaction with strangers can help improve mood – this is a fact because according to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia – even a very brief interaction with strangers can help augment moods. This is particularly helpful for those lonely people who tend to remain shy and confined to their boundaries. The simple reason behind such an affect is quite astonishing as many people tend to behave impressively, acting cheerful and pleasing with strangers, which according to the researchers has positive effect on the mood.

Bottom Line

To sum it up – a healthy mind makes you healthy and a healthy body makes your mind healthy. Therefore, you should focus on both mental and physical aspects of your health to enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. A simple and yet very effective strategy to make your mood better is to set a routine and follow it diligently – to ensure this schedule your routine tasks, activities, eating habits, playing time, fun time, sleeping and wake up time, etc., and make it your habit and then see the outcomes.

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