Migraine Treatment alternative Therapy: If you are wondering whether there is a possibility to stop migraines from troubling you – then you are about to witness some alternative techniques that can help you get rid of your migraine attacks. They include the following:

Keep Up Good Habits

Always pay attention to your routine. Your daily routine and good habits work. You should keep up all your good habits. The one aspect that put a huge impact on the frequency of your headaches is your lifestyle. It includes your diet, activity levels, and hydration levels. Therefore, don’t skip meals, maintain a healthy weight, get regular exercise and stay hydrated.


Good sleep habits are a must to keep migraines under check as many studies indicate a direct link between the poor quality of sleep and increasing migraines numbers. To improve your sleep and lessen the number of headaches you should make changes to your sleep routine. To ensure it, don’t carry your work to the bedroom, use the bedroom only to relax and sleep; ensure complete darkness in the room one or two hours before you sleep; don’t drink tea, coffee, or cola drink just before your bedtime; don’t watch TV or listen to music before you go to sleep – instead, read a good book in bed lamp. Keep your cell phone, laptop, and tablet away from your bedroom.


Many people find that putting gentle pressure on the head, face, and neck during a migraine can help ease the pain. Techniques to try:

Massage gently by putting pressure around your temples, eye orbits, brow lines, and under your eyes; rub your jaws, back of the neck, and temples in a circular fashion; massage the base of your skull with a tennis ball. You can also try a variety of headbands and wraps if they are really offering any help to you. Talk to your neurologist prior to using such wraps around your head.

Diet Changes

An elimination diet works the best if you keep a track of what you eat. Some people get migraines after eating certain foods. They are prone to migraines due to foods that act as migraine triggers. In general, the foods that trigger migraine include aged cheese, processed or cured meats, canned foods, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, foods containing aspartame, MSG, cultured dairy foods – such as yogurt and ice creams.

Cutting down the foods or eliminating the ones that can trigger migraines will help you in lowering the episodes of migraine provided you should maintain a food diary and write down what meals, fruits, snacks, and other food products you ate throughout the day. This will help you in remembering the food item you ate before you had experienced a migraine attack. This will help you cut down the foods that are triggering migraines.


In this technique, sensors are used to measure changes in heart rate, blood pressure, muscles tension, and coldness in hands. When your body experiences any pain with the preceding physical changes, the sensors feed the information to you. The signals can be in the form of a tone or sound or blinking light that you can perceive. Physiotherapists who have expertise in this technique will train you to respond to this feedback and relax your muscles. A few studies suggest that biofeedback techniques can help ease migraine and headache pain and the episodes of migraine.


There are some specific points in your body where an acupuncture specialist put tiny needles. It is a traditional Chinese practice. Many experts believe that this technique can ease migraine pain and lower episodes of headaches. In addition to these techniques, one should also keep up with their other treatments from their neurologist.

Why try treatments that are not drugs?

Migraine treatment alternative therapy is a good option for you if you have issues using the prescribed medicines with undue side effects. if you have issues that keep you away from taking migraine medicines. In some cases, some people just don’t want to take migraine medicines – and if others have not got relief from the prescribed treatment.

Do Your Home Work?

Your migraine specialist or an experienced neurologist with expertise in treating migraine will recommend you to try new methods to treat your migraine. The doctor will talk about how well such methods would work and whether they are associated with any risk. In some cases, your neurologist will suggest some experts who specialize in alternative treatments after paying close attention to your case and thoroughly evaluating your condition.

To learn more about migraine treatment alternative therapy, meet Dr. Vikram Sharma.