Pain specialist in Hyderabad and a renowned neurologist, Dr Vikram Sharma talks about pain management.

Pain in any part of the body makes you uncomfortable and, many times hampers your day-to-day activities. If not addressed on time, the pain would debilitate and annoy you all the time. Therefore, pain management is essential to lead a comfortable and stress-free life. The following information will be helpful to you to manage pain diligently.

Breathe Deep

Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that helps relieve pain. Find a tranquil location, make your body comfortable, avoid distracting thoughts and concentrate on your breathing pattern. This will help you to relieve pain.

Reduce stress

Take up some hobby and get involved in it; listen to soothing music and create mental imagery to remain peaceful within. Control your raising thoughts and learn some techniques to reduce stress.

Get yourself involved in physical activity

Physical activity or exercise releases endorphins (these are the brain chemicals that help improve mood) and keeps you calm. Regular exercise helps keep you healthy and reduces pain.

Track Your Pain

Tracking pain is simple. Scale your pain levels on the pain scale that has 1 to 10 reading. Keep a track of your pain by maintaining a log that has the time when you experienced pain and corresponding score. In this log mention the activities you did: the food you took along with the intensity of the pain. Carry this log when you visit to a pain specialist in Hyderabad – this will give a proper understanding of your pain to your doctor.

Say no to Smoking & Alcohol

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol both can make pain worst. Anyone with chronic pain should never drink alcohol to improve quality of life.

Massage is best for Chronic Pain Relief

If you are living with all sorts of pains then get yourself indulged in the massage. Tell someone close to you to give massage which will help reduce stress and relieve tension.

Visualize to get rid of pain

Visualization is the best pain-controlling technique. In other words, it is a guided visualization technique, in which you close your eyes and then try to conjure a visual image of your pain by giving it some size, shape, colour and motion. Next, you will change this image with a more appealing, pleasing, harmonious and smaller image.

Things to Consider

Nowadays, there are some herbal remedies and therapies for managing pain – though they are effective in some cases, there might be some issues as some herbs may interact with other medication you are taking. Furthermore, the effectiveness of herbal preparation is quite difficult to ascertain if you are taking other medicines as well. Therefore, it is always better to divulge this information with your pain specialist. The reason, some herbs have the tendency to interact with the pain medication you are taking and therefore might harm your health. As a rule of thumb always talk to your doctor before beginning any alternative pain-relieving approach.

Deal with Problems Right Away

There are some health issues like chronic, difficult headaches, migraines and mental health conditions like depression or anxiety that make your pain harder to manage and cure. Such untreated health conditions can become worst and harder to treat as the days pass by. Therefore, deal with such medical health conditions quite early by approaching the right doctor.

Bottom line

In addition to the above-mentioned tips meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, magnetic field therapy, and magnetic field therapy can help manage chronic pain, but for all such therapies, you should approach a pain specialist in Hyderabad who has special training and certification in any of these therapies.

Dr Vikram Sharma

Consultant Neurologist