Schizophrenia Hyderabad | Myths and Facts about Schizophrenia – Part 2 (continuation)

Schizophrenia Hyderabad | Myths and Facts | Counselling

Myth 6: A person suffering from schizophrenia should be in a mental hospital

Schizophrenia Hyderabad: Mental illness has become very common among the masses now as there is no age bar. anyone can get affected by one or the other form of mental illness. Therefore, experts and physicians have now understood in-depth about mental illness; and hence, they don’t recommend many people to mental healthcare facilities for a long-term stay. Similar is the case with schizophrenia. Schizophrenics can happily live with their friends and family members and with support groups in communities while undergoing treatment.

Myth 7: Rest can help ease the symptoms of schizophrenia

Though schizophrenia is to some extent a bad case of the nerves as an individual with this illness suffers from immense anxiety, fear, paranoia – which could be primary symptoms or secondary symptoms to any other perceptual event. In either case, taking rest won’t help much. Therefore, a relaxing, soothing and muscle stretching massage at an isolated spa will not help cure the condition.

Schizophrenia Hyderabad
Schizophrenia – Don’t get paranoid

Myth 8: A person with schizophrenia finds it difficult to hold a job

Individuals suffering from schizophrenia are not very great at work, but it doesn’t mean that they lack the skills and expertise to work. The difficulties that they face owing to the day-to-day requirements could make them harder to go to the work on a regular basis and keep in good shape – both physically and mentally. However, early detection and diagnosis of the condition and treatment given in time may help such people find a job and retain it longer.

Myth 9: Schizophrenia makes people lazy

This is not always true. People with this problem do find it difficult to take care of the daily chores and routine activities that keep them healthy and fit. Which means, if a person with this condition is not taking bath and dressing properly, then he or she may not be lazy, but they need some help – if it is given, then they will be back on the track.

Myth 10: A person with schizophrenia can never recover from it.

This is not always true. Schizophrenia is, at times, difficult to treat, but not always possibly remain as such. According to the statistics with an apt treatment approach, therapy and counselling, about 25% of people can completely recover from it. The symptoms will improve in another 50% of the people and most of the people can live complete productive lives.

Myth 11: People with schizophrenia can’t be good friends, neighbours, parents, and employees

Not all mental illnesses are debilitating and chronic. Therefore, people suffering from any mental illness, their inability or ability to fulfil the social requirements may depend on the severity of their illness and their ability to achieve and maintain stable recovery from the condition and its ill effects. However, for chronic patients or severely ill individuals, the condition could be debilitating and would not allow them to manage such roles and social requirements efficiently – but still, it does not mean that schizophrenics can’t be good friends, parents, employees or neighbours.