Tips for Instant Migraine Relief

What is a migraine?

A migraine is undoubtedly more than just a throbbing headache. This neurological condition causes excruciating severe pain that can keep you in bed for hours.  Pain, weariness, vomiting, visual problems, tingling and numbness, irritation, issues in speaking, temporary loss of eyesight, and other symptoms may be caused by motion, brightness, noise, and other stimuli.

To alleviate and mitigate migraines, a variety of drugs are employed. However, some individuals prefer to employ natural remedies as a supplement or as a substitute for medical treatment and want to avoid it by just staying at home.

Tips for Instant Migraine Relief


Many migraine patients have discovered that certain foods might make their pain worse. Junk foods, alcohol, chocolates, caffeine, etc. can trigger migraine pain.

It’s essential to be conscious of what can be the cause of your migraine. To keep note of possible causes, some people keep a food diary or a migraine journal to keep track of their diet. Improving your diet or eating habits to eliminate migraine hazards may help you avoid them in a long term.


The application of pressure to particular regions of the body is known as acupressure. It is thought that activating certain spots on the body in such a way that it may relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

The LI-4 point, located between the bottom of the left thumb and the pointer finger, is a prominent pressure point. Using the other hand, apply strong but not harsh circular pressure to the LI-4 point for five minutes to ease the headache.


Migraines are frequently triggered by stress. Migraine discomfort can also begin a cycle in which tension intensifies, which then prompts another headache. Discovering ways to relieve anxiety, such as journaling, meditation, or yoga, may help you avoid migraines in the future. Individuals might also engage in a stress management course. They may also choose to relax by taking a warm bath or listening to music in order to ease tension.


It’s very crucial to sleep well to cure migraine pain for the long term. Try to adopt methods that will provide you with a sound sleep. Every day, even on holidays, get up and go to sleep at the same hour. If you take a nap during the day, make it brief. Naps that last longer than 20 to 30 minutes can disrupt nocturnal sleep. You’ll sense more alert the harder you try to sleep. If you can’t sleep, study or engage in another calm activity until you do feel dozy.


Migraines might make you more sensitive to light and noise. Rest in a gloomy, silent room.  Massage your neck or head with warm or cold compresses. Ice cubes have a calming effect that might help to reduce discomfort. Stiff muscles can be relieved using hot compresses and heating pads. Showers or tubs that are warm may have a similar impact.


A common migraine trigger is not drinking sufficient water, and even moderate dehydration can cause a migraine. To prevent dehydration, individuals should aim to drink plenty of water each day. To restore lost electrolytes, people with serious dehydration issues may need an oral rehydration liquid at first. Staying hydrated is frequently as simple as drinking water throughout the day and eating a healthy diet.

Bottom Line

Along with the treatment provided by a specialist doctor, you should pay attention to what you eat, how you sleep, and the routine activities that you do daily. If you do this, you are on the right track to managing migraines episodes. Want to know more about proven and validated tips for instant migraine relief, meet Dr. Vikram Sharma once.