Top 5 Activities to Improve Mental Health

Activities to improve mental health: To stay fit and healthy, exercise is an important part of our life – this is a universally accepted truth. The same principle governs the brain or mind as well – which means, those who are mentally active will remain physically active and vice versa. Physical strength improves mental strength and mental fitness or mental well-being improves physical strength. Physical activities or exercises that are intended to improve mental functions may help keep the brain active with proper blood circulation, which in turn helps improve memory, cognitive abilities, balance, coordination, agility, and alertness. Physical activities performed routinely can help prevent age-related degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

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Those who want to improve both physical and mental strength; can do the following activities:

Aerobic exercise

30 minutes of these exercises will not only keep your heart in good shape but also keep your brain active & healthy. Regular exercise or even a simple activity like walking down the street for about 15 to 20 minutes daily; climbing stairs; minimizing the usage of elevators and avoiding sitting for long hours by taking intermittent breaks and stretching will be enough to keep your brain healthy. According to several research studies – physical activity helps make your brain strong enough to prevent its shrinkage and improve cognitive abilities.


Active stretching is good for your brain and also for your muscles. You can learn stretching as lots of videos are available online or you can even perform the basic stretching that you know. Remember only one thing while stretching your body parts that you should hold each stretch for only a few seconds – which will help in improving blood circulation and flexibility of the joints. If you are performing stretching in a gym, then you can use power plates to help you stretch. In general, stretching helps repair your body and makes it ready for everyday chores.

Core Exercise for balance and stability

There are nearly 29 core muscles that are located mostly in the abdomen, pelvis, and back. They are helpful in movement and better coordination and stability. If you strengthen them, then they can protect your abdomen, back, spine and pelvis and make you less prone to injury. Thus, you can get better balance and stability. Even yoga is good for strengthening the core muscles.

Strength Training

While doing exercise; put some weight for strength training. Gradually increase the weight according to the advice of the trainer. This will help improve muscle mass and flexibility and make you fit both mentally and physically. Your exercise program should include a set of strength training to augment the prospective physical and mental health benefits of your regular exercise regimen. Select the weight for strength training in such a way that it should be heavy enough to be done in fewer than 10 repetitions and light enough to allow you to do at least four repetitions.


It is a powerful form of continuous and profound mind training practice wherein you control your mind and take yourself to a different level where your soul meets your mind. During the initial stage, it is really impossible to control your mind because your stress, tension, and problems do not keep your mind stable, and this leads to many problems. But, continuous practice can definitely help you to control your mind and body. This is in fact one of the best activities to improve mental health.

Activities to improve mental health

It does not matter at what stage of life you are in; hit the deck as soon as possible to start reaping the benefits. Make a routine and get ready to face all sorts of circumstances in your life as you are going to become stronger, logical fitter, and intelligent to fight age-related mental disorders. If you are still in dilemma owing to your health or any pre-existing conditions, then consult your doctor to know which activity would be better for you to start with. Within a few weeks you will start seeing the benefits as your memory improves, mood stabilizes, stress vanishes and you will become more productive at work.