Body pain Causes | Dr. Vikram Sharma Neurologist

You do work and use your muscles while working. You often get tired from lifting objects, moving around, and the working whole day. If you get sore arms by lifting objects, it is a common type of problem that involves overuse. You may fall down, have bruised shoulder, and feel pain – that is a minor injury-related pain. But if your whole-body pains or when your body aches, it is most likely due to the following reasons:

Chronic Fatigue syndrome

The major symptom of this condition is unexplained and extreme fatigue for which you don’t have any reason to tell. It may get worse with work, mental strain, and exercise. Even rest provides relief. The other symptoms may include headaches, joint pain, memory problems, muscle pain, and insomnia. Physical therapy and medication can help manage this condition.


This type of condition is associated with generalized pain in the body. You may feel pain in the joints, and muscles and also have problems with memory, mood, and sleep. According to expert neurologists and scientists, fibromyalgia could occur due to the augmentation of pain signals by the brain. The reason for this could be severe mental illness, surgery, or any other illness. Physical therapy, exercise, yoga, and medicines can help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Meditation and relaxation techniques like yoga will also help.


This condition could possibly be due to problems with your immune system or a virus infection. Muscles all over your body start to feel the crunch. You will have pain in the arms, hips, shoulders, and belly. When muscles start to break down you might find it difficult to breathe and swallow. Medicines, physical therapy, and rest can help.

Psoriatic Arthritis

If you have this condition, your movement is restricted due to stiffness in the joints. And therefore, you will feel tired in the mornings. The pain is either confined to one side of the body or is symmetrical on both sides. You may feel stiffness and pain in the knees, feet, fingers, and hands.

Flu or Other Infections

The flu virus causes fever, body aches, watery eyes, and congestion. The muscles ache spread across your arms, legs, and back. The symptoms get better on their own when you take rest, but when the symptoms don’t get better, call your doctor. If you also have cough and other associated symptoms, then report them to your doctor. Chikungunya virus and other infections such as COVID-19 can also cause muscle aches.

If you have any concerns regarding body pain causes, then meet Dr. Vikram Sharma for a thorough medical check-up and evaluation of your health issue.