chronic fatigue syndrome: In our day-to-day life, we get exhausted after a very tiring day. This is a normal kind of fatigue, where you feel refreshed once you take a rest and relax. However, if you continuously feel tired even after long hours of sleep and rest, then you may be suffering from extreme fatigue. It is also known as chronic fatigue (CF). Regardless of what the causes of extreme fatigue may be, you cannot lead a happy and productive life. Getting rid of Fatigue is not very difficult if you pay heed to the following information.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms

Fatigue This is one of the most common symptoms you may experience. People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome feel mentally and physically exhausted all the time – that too for no clear reason. They feel lethargic and become completely worn out all the time. Neither rest nor sleep can cure their problem. If this fatigue lasts for 6 months or more, it indicates that you have become a victim of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sleep problems

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you may experience sleep problems. Every time you want to sleep, you find it difficult to sleep or unable to get proper sleep. For a normal person, a bit of physical exertions helps them to sleep but for chronic fatigue syndrome patients, exercise only worsens their insomnia.


Extremely persistent fatigue syndrome sufferers usually become overly sensitive to light and sound, even to sounds that are not very loud and the lights that are not really bright. Some even complain of being sensitive to smells, medicines, and certain food and chemicals. Overall, chronic fatigue syndrome patients feel overloaded by sounds, smells, and sights. Their surroundings literally become too much for them to bear.


This symptom is just as common as fatigue but most people who have not suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome do not know about it. People who have chronic fatigue syndrome may have muscle or joint pains, and also have flu-like symptoms such as headaches and sore throats. Skin sensitivity, irritable bowels, and abdominal pain are also a few of the symptoms.

The other symptoms of fatigue include:

Unexplainable exhaustion

If you are suffering from fatigue, you will find yourself extremely exhausted for no apparent reasons – even after a full night’s sleep.

Weight gain– If you suffer from fatigue, you may notice that you gain weight very easily.


You may feel getting overwhelmed even by the smallest task that has to be accomplished. In the long run, it may transform into social withdrawal and depression.

Increased PMS Symptoms

If you are a woman suffering from fatigue, you may find that your periods become irregular or heavier. You may also notice extreme PMS mood swings and food cravings.

Intermittent flu and cold Infections – If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, you may notice that you are becoming more susceptible to flu and cold. You will also notice that it takes a longer time for you to get back to your normal health.

Other extreme fatigue symptoms include low libido, low stamina, low blood pressure, absent-mindedness, nervousness, and anxiety.

If you have any of these symptoms consistently for more than 6 months, you should consult a doctor. With the help of proper medications and treatments, you can control these symptoms and live your life just like a very healthy person.

Bottom Line

Remember! In most cases, it is quite difficult to accurately diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as most of its symptoms are similar to other illnesses. It is, therefore, very important to consult a doctor. Your physician will examine you physically and if they suspect CFS, they will recommend some specific tests and based on the results prescribe appropriate medicines.