Nerve Pain – What is It?

Nerve Pain

Individuals who suffer from nerve pain feel it in different ways – for some, the pain gives nightmares as they wake up in the middle of the night. For others, the pain is a continuous affair giving trouble all through the day. They feel incessant burning, tingling, prickling and uncontrolled pain all the day. The question here is – how to manage severe, uncontrolled nerve pain? Is there any way out? Yes, there is a prompt treatment to manage nerve pain and cure it completely.

Pain in any region of the body is nothing but a warning. For instance, when you touch ice or bring your hands too close to ice, the nerves send some signals to the brain and you instantly pull back your hands with the fear of touching something really cool. Similar is the case with the fire as well. But when a person has nerve damage, they may not be able to do so. When your nerves get damaged due to any reason – you may feel pain due to wrong nerves signals without being subjected to any stimuli. Similarly, if an injury happens to your nerves, you may not feel any pain.

Nerve Pain Triggers

There are many pain triggers including certain activities that cause worsening of your nerve pain. For some people long standing in queues, running, walking and standing too long can be painful. Some people become very sensitive due to nerve damage – owing to which, they experience pain by merely draping bedsheet lightly over their bodies.

Loss of Feeling

Nerve damage makes the routine activities such as tying shoes, typing, writing and knitting very difficult for some people. In many other people, the sense to touch becomes very dull and sometimes they don’t feel any sense at all. In some cases, some people feel as if they are wearing gloves and doing their work. In a nutshell, nerve damage cause numbness or loss of sensation in the finger tips. Therefore, many individuals with nerve pain find it difficult to perform activities with their hands.

Nerve Pain and Sleep

Nerve pain disturbs your sleep as it becomes very severe at night. When you want to go to bed and touch your bed sheets and apply pressure on the bed in an attempt to lie down – your nerve pain becomes drastically uncomfortable. If your nerve pain is giving sleepless nights, then see immediate help from a neurologist and then talk to your doctor. Medicines and lifestyle modifications might help you.

Losing Balance

Nerve Pain if left unchecked may cause some untoward problems. In addition to making you less sensitive to touch and feel, it may make your muscles weak and affect your sense of balance too – owing to which you may loss your balance and fall frequently. It is better to address the issue by talking to your neurologist. If possible, walkers, canes or braces can be opted, but it is better to seek the help of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

Unseen Injuries

Another interesting aspect with nerve pain is that people having it become prone to injuries as they become less sensitive to any injury. Numbness due to nerve damage prevent us from feeling pain. And therefore, individuals with nerve pain injure themselves without even knowing it. If you experience any such unrealized injury, then seek medical help immediately and check for any other injuries in your body.

Nerve Pain Progression: To sum it up, it is important to assess your pain and issues associated with the nerve pain. Nerve pain if left unchecked can progress to farthest parts of the body – away from brain and spinal cord. The affect can be felt in the hands and legs and the pain may go deep into the legs and arms. However, You can manage and treat your nerve pain quite effectively – provided you should get the treatment for the condition that is causing nerve pain. There is every possibility to stop the damage and even reverse it.